Day 237 – Soap Bubbles

Steam curled out of the shower above my head like a curious lion sneaking up on her prey. The long spindly fingers of steam licked my face on their way up and above the curtain blocking me from the world. I let the water trickle down my spine as I soaped up my body. The soap bubbles were glazing my breasts like a doughnut ready for tasting.  I slowly slid my hand down my side feeling the smooth slip of the soap run down my body. I turned to face the water to rinse and repeat. Turning around again I continued to rub myself with soap trying to create a squeaky clean aura on my wet skin. The aroma of raspberries swiftly infiltrated my senses as the soap bubbles popped on my legs. I bit down into the smell fully immersing my nose into the taste of the shower. Once I was clean I was not ready to leave my warm rain forest fog shower. I decided to relax, ponder life, and enjoy the last remaining moments of heat from my hot water tank. Knowing the first cold droplet was seconds away from hitting my body I turned off the oasis that was my shower and began to towel myself dry. A plethora of water droplets ran down my back from my wet hair as I began to dry myself off making my efforts seem futile until I wrapped the towel in my hair. I looked in the mirror, created a face for myself with makeup, dried my hair, and began my day outside of my comforting shower world. 


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